Anniversary gift Marble

This gift card includes the most popular anniversary gifts. Let the gift receiver choose among the luxurious gifts. The receiver can choose 1-2 gifts. Easy to order, fast delivery.

How many gifts receiver may choose

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  • The Folks Hotel Konepaja room for two

  • Polar Unite fitness watch

  • Citizen Eco-Drive Sport

  • Citizen Eco-Drive ladies watch white

  • Makita Tool and accessory set 120-parts

  • Joy TinyS Moomin wireless headphones

  • Lempi home cleaning, 3 hours

  • Miiko Design Väre Pillow

  • Miiko Design Louhi Wool Blanket

  • Mr. Wattson lamp

  • Nachtmann Punk decanter and 2 tumblers

  • Nachtmann Highland whiskey set

  • Source of Intimacy necklace

  • Bresaola dried salt beef and truffel set

  • Peugeut Appolia dish and steel mills

  • BookBeat Premium audiobooks, 12 months

  • Continenta knife block

  • NoHo Restaurant gift voucher 75 €

  • JBL Link speaker

  • TinyLux muscle hammer, rose gold

  • Milwaukee screwdriver set

  • Beurer TL 45 daylight therapy lamp

  • Museum Card 12 months

  • Härmän Taonta knife

  • Joy Tiny Wireless ear buds

  • Elisa Kirja Premium 6 month

  • Ruutu+ Urheilu 6 months

  • Viaplay 6 months

  • Podit Business podcast and audiobooks, 12 months

  • Wiberg salt and pepper mills

  • Maku Kitchen lifew 2 oven dishes and thermometer

  • Riedel Extreme Cabernet glass, 4 pcs

  • Riedel Extreme Riesling glass, 4 pcs

  • Granite mortar and Vario mandoline

  • Negrini Gicrudo sweet cured ham, 2,5 kg

  • Beka valurauta Frying pan 28 cm and Lamb ribs

  • Tapas set and gourmet jams

  • Shadeshares Tembo sunglasses

  • Shadeshares Duma sunglasses

  • Charity, Icehearts ry

  • Charity, Hope ry

  • Charity, MIELI Mental Health Finland

  • Charity, Naisten Linja

  • Charity, Finnish Red Cross

  • Charity, John Nurminen Foundation

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