Little Christmas 2022

Thanking is the best investment of your company. Little Christmas card makes thanking a bit more concrete and easier. The price and selection of carefully chosen well-being enhancing gifts make this card a great tool for every company. You can choose a PDF or printed card and easily personalize the card to your company look and feel.

How many gifts receiver may choose

How many giftcards would you like to order?


  • Finnkino Superticket and Snack voucher 1 pc

  • C More and Ruutu+ Urheilu 2 months

  • Ruutu+ service 4 months

  • Supla+ audiobooks 3 months

  • Podit Business podcast and audiobooks, 3 months

  • BookBeat Premium audiobooks, 2 months

  • 3 months

  • Kupilka mugs 21cl ja 5cl

  • Potturi

  • Discmania disc golf set Evolution

  • Atom fitness mat

  • Lumene LÄHDE gift set

  • KEVEE sports drink, 10 pcs and 30 portions

  • Pentik Amalia Towel, 70x140 cm

  • 4Living Blanket Moss 127x152 cm light grey

  • 4Living Blanket Moss 127x152 cm dark grey

  • Joy Street bluetooth ear buds

  • Fanni K Blanket light grey

  • Rougie Duckliver "Delights" 180 g

  • Delicacy salamis

  • pH7 Bakery Tasting Bars, 4 pcs

  • Valrhona tasting bars 5 pcs

  • Tarmo LED light 180lm

  • Puhdistamo snack bars 10 pcs

  • Nikama Design Haapa platter 12,5 cm

  • Mushroom basket 30 l and jack-knife wooden

  • Maku oven casserole

  • Maku Tapas set 2 x 4-osaa

  • Miiko Design Trivet 2 pcs.

  • Tarmo LED Flood light battery 650lm

  • Küchenprofi Quick paistomittari

  • Plasma Lighter

  • Charity, Icehearts ry

  • Charity, MIELI Mental Health Finland

  • Charity, Finnish Red Cross

  • Charity, Naisten Linja

  • Charity, Hope ry

  • Charity, John Nurminen Foundation

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